LCL International Ltd was formed in 1980, as a service to transporters using the Port of Dover. We provided Customs Clearance and third-party ferry-crossings, and quickly realised Eastern European road hauliers needed reliable representation in the UK and assistance in finding re-loads.

‘LCL’ reflects the initials of the three founding members; it is just a coincidence that the popular shipping term ‘Less than a Container Load’ is known as ‘LCL’. Consolidation traffic, combining smaller consignments to one shipment to spread the cost, for road transport is usually referred to as ‘Groupage’ and, for Airfreight as ‘Air Consols’.

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In the early 1990s, when the UK joined the Single Market and EU trade barriers were lowered, Customs Clearance requirements reduced – and some long established companies pulled out of Dover or closed altogether. Eastern European hauliers began to experiment with their own services to and from the UK and LCL International Ltd, with its multi-lingual staff, found itself in demand.

Following the break up of Yugoslavia, and the Bosnian Civil War in 1992, we organised ever increasing amounts of commercial cargo and Humanitarian Aid to those areas and our Serbo-Croat speaking staff established a strong position for the market in both directions. We set about contracting third-parties for warehousing and small vehicle collection and distribution across the country, to assist us in meeting the needs of our partners in the UK.

Since then, we have taken on Russian speaking staff and extended our outlook for road transport opportunities to include the former Warsaw-Pact, Russian Federation countries and Turkey.

Although still operating a 24 hour office to deal with international freight drivers and provide Customs Clearance formalities in Dover, LCL International Ltd is now a broker and central point of contact for non-European hauliers seeking loads out of the United Kingdom and Shippers looking for transport options.

Regular clients shipping to and from Russia and Turkey need options for Airfreight and Ocean Freight. We developed services for these markets specifically to ensure our clients could identify choices to meet their budgets, and now we offer rates and routes competitively for all modes of transport around the world.

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