freight forwarding services

LCL International Ltd can offer road transport between the United Kingdom and all the extremities of the new EU, and beyond, including;
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Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Russia, CIS-Baltic States, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Due to transit routes and regular calls for Groupage / Part Load / LTL, we can also service consignments for Central Austria, Benelux Countries, Northern Italy and Southern Germany.

We offer Export and Import services for Full Loads and Part Loads (Groupage / LTL), and can provide specialist equipment to cover the majority of circumstances and requirements – including carriage of most ADR (hazardous) goods.


We provide the following RoRo transport on a regular basis:

Most of the above can carry up to 24 Tonnes Gross; depending on route and destination, with cubic capacity varying from 72 CbM up to 120 CbM for some high-volume Jumbo Road Trains.

Additionally, for certain markets we can supply: Hanging Garment Trailers; 6.0 and 13.6 Metres Boxes, with demountable Bars; and Sprinter type Vans, for Express Delivery.

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